Thursday, February 6, 2014

Recent Activities

I have just finished a fairly challenging 2 weeks of midterm examinations at ICU and have finally found some free time to update my blog!

Most recently I have met with some of the leaders of Youth for 3.11, a student-founded and student-run Tohoku volunteer youth group based in Tokyo.  I will provide photography and videography for this group in the future as I
join them on volunteer trips. We are also in talks about a video that I will produce to showcase their activities and even an update to their English webpage.

This group is actively seeking to reach out to international students living in Japan like myself, I highly support their cause and look forward to working with them!

Tomorrow I will be traveling with a Youth for 3.11 event similar to the one I had gone about two months ago (a post of this trip can be found on this blog).  The weather will be much colder this time and there will even be the possibility of snow!  Please look forward to my upcoming post on this trip!

(A video may even be created!)

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