Monday, November 25, 2013

Luncheon Honoring the Bridging Foundation

Last week for my 21st birthday I had the honor of visiting the residence of Deputy Chief Kurt Tong for a luncheon honoring the Bridging Foundation.  

I felt incredibly blessed to have been able to meet with decorated US diplomats such as Kurt Tong and Mark Davidson.  I was also honored to have been able to meet with presidents and executives of major corporations such as AIG and UPS who are major sponsors of the Bridging Scholarship and Grondine Memorial Scholarship.  This was one of the most incredible events that I have ever had the honor of attending, and the contacts I made that day may very well change the course of my life!

Kurt Tong, Deputy Chief of Mission to the US Embassy.  

The Tong family dog.

Miki Tong, a UCSB and ICU Graduate!

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