Monday, November 18, 2013

I once heard someone sat that "the best way to fully experience a place is on bicycle."  this statement was just as true for me in Santa Barbara as it is here in Japan.  I visited Yamanashi just 3 weeks prior to this trip, utilizing the bus and trains to get around.  I had an amazing time during my previous visit, but it was only after cycling around the lakes of Mt. Fuji that I realized just how much I visited during my first visit.

Yamanashi is a stunningly beautiful area and was a dream location to cycle.  Despite the lack of bike lanes, drivers here in Japan are pretty patient compared to Los Angeles and give cyclists a very generous amount of space as they pass you up.  I feel like my cycling trips with the ICU Cycling Club are going to be some of the most memorable times I have here in Japan! 

For this trip I used a Cannon 50D instead of my usual Nikon 1.
Cloudy weather prevented us from being able to see Mt. Fuji on this trip sadly.   

We began our trip from the local train station near ICU.  Here in Japan you must pack your bike before you take it on the train.

At Ootsuki Station we reassembled our bikes. 

We then began our 65km ride to the Japanese style inn we would stay at for the night,

We also stopped for photos and sightseeing along the way. 

Our arrival at the inn. 

Curry for dinner!

hiding in the closets and scaring people who dared to go to the bathroom

Setting up our beds for the night.


Mt Fuji in the background.

We also explored some caves!

Our return train.

We then met up at an Izakaya once we arrived back at ICU for dinner and drinks!

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