Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Internship at Bingham McCutchen

Today I began an internship at Bingham Mccutchen, an international law firm.  I will be interning here every Tuesday and Thursday potentially for the rest of my year here in Japan.
The office is located in Kamiyacho, a business sector of Tokyo.  I will be working on legally related research here in addition to doing work for some of the attorneys in this office. 

I have always considered becoming a lawyer in the future and I greatly value this opportunity to get a taste of what the field of law is actually like.  I look forward to working here and believe this internship will teach me many skills that will become invaluable in my future career goals.

However, I must admit that this internship intimidates me.  The Bingham office is very fast paced and foreign to me.  I felt overwhelmed by all of the new information that was presented to me as we toured the office and was told about the research they wanted me to do.  Hopefully things will become more streamlined once I get the swing of things.

  My year here in Tokyo has just gotten a lot more busy!

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