Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Last weekend I joined some of my friends for a trip to Aokigahara, a massive forest at the base of Mt. Fuji.   This immense forest has grown on top of an ancient lava flow from the mountain and also has various caves in the area.  

We began our trip by missing our reserved bus that left out of Shinjuku and instead had to take the train to get to Aokigahara.

The train ride was actually very nice.  

Not a bad alternative to the bus at all.  The views were amazing.

We then transfered to another train line that took us to Mt.Fuji. 

Mt. Fuji

To get to Aokigahara from there, our group then got bus tickets.  

Our first stop in Aokigahara was the "Bat Cave" that had no bats inside of it.

No bats.

We then did an hour hike through the dense forest.

We were starving and ate some not so great Udon at a shop.

We then visited the "Wind Cave" which had no wind at all. 

But it was still really cool.

More forest hiking.

The forest is really nice by the way.

Warnings to be mindful of your head in the caves.

and of the ice...

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Our last cave was the "Ice Cave"



had a lot of


We then caught a bus back to Tokyo Station and then back to school.  Great trip. 

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