Friday, September 6, 2013

A View of Tokyo from Sunshine City Tower

A few days ago I attended an orientation with the other study abroad students from the University of California school system.  They are a really great group of people and strongly remind me of my friends from the Japanese culture club I am a part of at UCSB.  We even had a party in my living room!

That day, I and 5 other UC students headed out to Ikebukuro for ramen and a view of Tokyo from the top of Sunshine city Tower on the 60th floor.

A link to my full album can be found here:

This was one of my first nights in Tokyo.  As far as I could see in all directions, I saw buildings and lights.  The size of the city is still something that I have a hard time comprehending.

One of many long-exposure shots that I took while on the 60th floor. 
In every direction, there were amazing photographs to be had.  Standing 60 stories above Tokyo for me was like being a child in a candy store.  

A picture of the Tokyo Skytree, my next photography destination.
After spending a few hours on Sunshine City, we walked to downtown Ikebukuro for ramen.

Im looking forward to many more adventures in Tokyo!  I will never forget the 360 degree view of Tokyo, and will take more skyline photos when I get the chance. 

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