Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Trip to Izu

To celebrate the graduation of my roommate Tetsuo, my roommates and I planned a trip to Izu, a beautiful peninsula 2 hours out of Tokyo.

Departure from Shinjuku Station

After 2 hours of travel we arrived in Izu and went to a famous restaurant near the station.

Oh and did I mention that all of us love photography?

I forgot what the grilled fish is called, but it was marinated in some rich teriyaki sauce and was unbelievable delicious!

We then woke up at 5 am the next morning to see the sunrise

A sunrise on a cloudy day...

Later that morning we rented a car so that we could freely visit the many destinations of Izu.  

In addition to stunning coastlines, Izu also has many nature trails

A beautiful trail leading up into the mountains

The Sakura were also in full bloom!

A famous geyser that supplies hot water to public baths in the area. 

Mine Spa

The coastlines of Izu are one of Japan's national treasures.  We got on a boat tour to see them at sunset. 

Shooting with the pros 

We then ended out trip with some pictures of Weeping Sakura at a shrine near the station. 

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