Monday, December 23, 2013

Dinner with Youth for 311

As part of my continuing efforts to strengthen my involvement in Tohoku relief projects, I recently attended a dinner meeting with members of Youth for 311, the student-run organization that enabled me to travel to Ishinomaki just a few weeks earlier to volunteer.     
Here I was able to meet with fellow university students who led volunteer projects in Tohoku and hear about the work that they had done in the region.
It should also be noted that this event was conducted entirely in Japanese... which proved difficult. 

However, I was able to understand enough of the presentation to understand the work they were doing.  I was also excited to see and hear about future projects that I might be able to take part in!

I had a very interesting time negotiating my limited Japanese with the limited English of the students.  I find that it sometimes become necessary to laugh off situations where we simply cannot negotiate between the language barrier.  

However despite the language difficulties, I was able to make friend and contacts during this dinner.  I also look forward to the possibility of working alongside these individuals in Tohoku.

Dinner consisted of fresh seafood from Minami Sanriku.

As good as it looks (Amazing). 

It was great to see such dedication and enthusiasm about the recovery efforts of Tohoku even after 3 years.  This dinner was a gathering of individuals passionate about helping Tohoku.  I am sure that the opportunities and connection that I have made at this dinner will play out to something great, I cant wait!

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